Among several of the laser treatments offered by Dermatology Associates of McLean, is the Fraxel laser. Fraxel is used to restore skin damage caused by acne, the sun, wrinkles, and other symptoms of aging. There are several ways in which the Fraxel laser can be used, each differing in aggressiveness, number of procedures, and recovery time.

The Fraxel laser is also commonly used for atrophic scar removal, like from scars caused by chicken pox or acne. It also works well for those who are interested in restoring their skin’s surface to have a smoother and fresher appearance. We often implement Fraxel laser treatments to patients who want to eliminate wrinkles and other signs of aging, improve their skin tone and texture, and eliminate the appearance of acne or surgical scars.

The number of treatments required will vary from patient to patient. Most patients will realize maximum results after 3 to 5 sessions that are spaced anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks apart.

During a Fraxel laser treatment, topical anesthesia is applied before the procedure and cold air is focused onto the area being treated to minimize discomfort. Most patients report having felt as though they had spent too much time in the sun after their treatments. This feeling normally disappears after 1 to 3 hours.

We will spend time with you to determine which Fraxel treatment will best suite your skin condition.


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